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six piece band

“Digging don’t make you down.” Yes, they let me come above ground for this one. Ironically. And to paraphrase Haley Joel Osment: I SEE BAND MEMBERS. ALL THE TIME. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE.


“This is the last time I will do this for you.” I did this one first. Of course. In spite of the presence of one John Henry Bonham, this is the mellow one. Well, mellow until the guitar solo. Slow burn.


over video screenshot

“No more chocolate Romeo. No more going gorillas.” Lyrically, this is Spike Lee meets John Hughes. A Jungle Fever/Pretty in Pink mashup, if you will. Note the dramatic tension between Tele Bryan and P-Bass Bryan.



What is BASEMENT LIVE? It’s this little website. And it’s an EP. A video EP. (A video mixtape?) Because I have new songs. And I want you to hear them. But I don’t have the energy to make another CD. (It would be my seventh. Boring!) So instead, I’m in my basement. With a sampling [...]